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Are you looking for a hands-on career as a skilled and detail-oriented professional? Perhaps you should consider becoming a locksmith! With the right locksmith training, you learn how to cut and duplicate keys, repair door locks, program keys, produce master keys, and more.

Whether you plan on pursuing this occupation as a full-time or side gig, it is a rewarding way of leveraging your technical skills. Read on to learn more about what it takes to become a locksmith in Tennessee. 

What Does a Locksmith Do?

A locksmith specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining locks and security systems. They provide access to buildings, vehicles, and other secure areas.

Locksmiths can provide various services, including key duplication, lock rekeying, installing new locks, and repairing existing locks. They also open locked doors or safes.

A locksmith can help with car key replacement if you’ve lost your keys or need a spare set. They can also assist with transponder programming and immobilizer bypassing if your car has an electronic security system installed. Most locksmiths offer emergency services such as unlocking cars that have been locked with the keys inside or providing access to homes when the owners forget their keys.

Why Should You Become a Locksmith?

Consider this career for its unmatched job security, providing long-term stability in an ever-changing job market. The U.S. locksmith industry has a market size of $3 billion and is expected to grow at a 2.6% rate throughout the year.

Locksmiths are also in high demand to install and repair security systems as more businesses install new and update older systems. Plus, locksmiths are always needed as long as there are locks. 

Locksmiths are known for having a flexible work schedule, which makes this profession an ideal choice for those who want to choose when they work. Locksmiths can tailor their schedule to fit their lifestyle, making balancing work with personal commitments such as family, hobbies, or education easier. 

Locksmith Eligibility

You must meet certain requirements to become a locksmith. These include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Undergo required locksmith training or apprenticeship (depending on the state)
  • Sit for and pass a certification exam (not compulsory but highly recommended)
  • Obtain a business license if you start your own locksmith business
  • Pass a criminal background check

The requirements may vary slightly depending on your state, so it is best to check with your local government.

Undergo Locksmith Training

In Tennessee, training or certification to become a locksmith is optional. However, enrolling in a locksmith training program is highly recommended, preferably at a licensed school. You can find these programs in vocational schools and local community colleges.

In addition to formal locksmith training, you should enroll in an apprenticeship program. These programs allow you to work with experienced professional locksmiths and engage in more hands-on field duties.

Obtain Locksmith Licensing

Locksmithing licensing requirements vary from state to state. In states that require a license, you must pass an exam of your knowledge and skills in the field of locksmithing. These exams are administered by state boards and organizations like ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America).

In Tennessee, you are not required to get a locksmith license to start practicing. The locksmithing licensing requirement was repealed in 2021, meaning the state no longer regulates locksmith businesses, allowing for increased competition and flexibility within the industry.

If you know how to install locks and make keys, you can seek employment with an established company or open your own business. However, you must get a business license to run a commercial lock shop.

Get Started on Becoming a Locksmith

Becoming a locksmith is a satisfying career allowing you to use your skills to improve security systems and provide effective solutions to clients. To embark on this career path, take the first step by following the process outlined in this article.

Here at The Locksmith Co. we are a fully licensed locksmith company with over ten years of experience in residential, commercial, and car locksmith services. Contact us in Clarksville, Paducah, Cookeville, and Nashville for a full list of our mobile locksmith services.

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