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Did you know that famed magician Harry Houdini worked as a locksmith for years before becoming a magician? If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or even your home before, then you’re bound to know how challenging such a situation can be. With the help of a full-service locksmith, you can make your way back into your home, car, or office space in no time.

Whatever your lock, the Locksmith Co. has the keys. The Locksmith Co. services locks and keys for homes, businesses, and automobiles. Our mobile shop travels across the Nashville, Clarksville, Hopkinsville and Paducah areas to your location, bringing with it skilled technicians and advanced equipment to fix your problem.

Here are some of the situations a full-service locksmith will be able to handle:

  • Automotive Locks, Keys & Ignitions
  • Ignition Repair
  • Complete Vehicle Locksmith Services
  • Commercial Business Locks & Entry Devices
  • Home/Residential Locks & Keys
  • Partner With Locksmith Co.

Automotive Locks, Keys, & Ignitions

When it comes to needing the help from a full-service locksmith, your car might be the main pain point. Your key is central to your vehicle – it gets you in, it opens trunks and compartments, it starts your car, and newer models even wirelessly communicate with your vehicle. When you accidentally lock your keys in your car without a spare on hand, it can become a daunting situation.

A full-service locksmith will specialize in service for locks, keys on cars, trucks, vans and more. With the assistance from a local, full-service locksmith, you will be back in your vehicle in no time. Typically, full-service professionals will also be able to make small repairs or handle replacements for a fraction of what your dealer would charge you!

Ignition Repair

So, you’re about to head home from work and suddenly your car won’t start. Or maybe your vehicle isn’t picking up your wireless key from inside the vehicle. Chances are, there’s a problem with your vehicle’s ignition. With the help of a full-service locksmith like the Locksmith Co., a professional technician will be able to repair your ignition quickly and on-site, saving you time and money!

In situations where your car fails you, you may experience anxiety, stress or various other heightened emotions. When you call a full-service locksmith, you can rest assured that your certified technician will create an adequate solution that gets your car working again.

Are you in need of a full-service locksmith? Learn more about Locksmith Co. and our comprehensive services!

Complete Vehicle Locksmith Services

A full-service locksmith will be available 24/7 for all your vehicle key and lock needs. While every locksmith will come from a different background, most full-service companies will have similar lock and key solutions. However, specialized solutions and services will differ based on your location, the company you choose and your technician. Turn to the Locksmith Co. for:

  • Car Unlocking
  • Key Cutting
  • Key Generation
  • Key Duplication
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Failed Ignition & Door Lock Repair
  • Theft Recovery Re-Keying
  • Key and Remote Programming
  • High Security Cutting and Programming

Commercial Business Locks & Entry Devices

When it comes to your commercial business, ensuring your employees can enter your building safely and efficiently at all times is likely important to you. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure your customers can get through the door! A full-service locksmith will be able to provide services common to commercial locking mechanisms. Whether installing electronic keypads or helping you re-enter your workspace, a professional locksmith may offer commercial services such as:

  • Master Keying
  • Emergency Exit Devices
  • Emergency Re-Keying
  • Do Not Duplicate Keys
  • Commercial Door Mechanism Repair
  • Door Closers
  • Mortise Cylinder Service and Repair

Home/Residential Locks & Keys

At the Locksmith Co., a full-service locksmith company, we also service traditional locks and keys that typically fit most homes or buildings. From standard keys to high security pieces, a full-service locksmith can duplicate any key and fix any lock. Get a spare key for your family, fix a lockout, or rekey your home – the right locksmith will be able to help you keep your home or residential property accessible, but secure.

The Locksmith Co. offers services such as:

  • Master Keying
  • House Opening
  • Re-Keying Homes
  • Electronic Keypad Installation
  • Door Prep

Partner With Locksmith Co.

With over a decade of experience and the latest tools in the business, The Locksmith Co. is your Nashville, TN, Clarksville, TN, Hopkinsville, KY and Paducah, KY solution to everything with a lock and key. We work on everything, from transponders and proximity keys, to high security keys and traditional locks.

Unlike the competition, we are fast, flexible, and agile, able to respond to most calls in the area within a few hours. Our mobile shop has everything needed to fix a lock, repair an ignition, or replace a key!

We are experts in nearly all specialty keys. Call us at 931-801-5427 to dispatch a mobile locksmith shop to your location or contact us online!

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