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Rekeying your locks means altering the lock mechanism so the older key can’t open them. The key is replaced, but the lock remains. Whether you need to change your locks or they’re due for maintenance, rekeying your locks instead is almost always the right call. It’s a piece-of-mind move that maintains the original integrity of your lockset by making sure your old keys won’t work anymore.

Here are five reasons you may need to rekey your locks: 

  1. Moving Into A New Home
  2. Broken Keys
  3. Lost Your Key
  4. Changing Older Keys
  5. Match Multiple Locks With One Key

Moving Into A New Home

When you move into a new home that had a previous owner, rekeying your locks is a good idea for safety reasons. Locks can break or get old over time and anyone with a spare key left by the previous homeowner now has an opportunity to sneak into your house when you’re not home. Don’t put off taking care of this important task until later – it’s a job that can be done quickly and easily while you’re still in transition.

Broken Keys

A broken key comes in many different forms. They can get stuck in the locks, need excessive force when entering a lock, or maybe they’re bent beyond repair. If you find yourself in an unlocking conundrum, rekeying your locks is a simple and effective solution that can be carried out almost immediately and without any permanent damage to your property.

Lost Your Key

Perhaps you’ve lost your keys and are afraid someone else might find them before you do. Hopefully, that doesn’t become an issue. However, if you ever should find yourself in this situation, be proactive and rekey your locks as soon as possible. It’s simple and easy, so take charge of your security before it’s too late.

Changing Older Keys

One of the most common reasons for rekeying a lock is when you want to retire an old key. Or, maybe you want to upgrade your current locks to use higher security (perhaps electronic smart keys). Either way, locks get dirty over time and worn down, so if it’s been a couple of years it’s time to call a mobile locksmith to examine your locks.

Match Multiple Locks With One Key

A home with several locks and a different key for each is inconvenient to keep track of. If you currently use different keys on each lock and want to change them all to use only one set of keys, then rekeying may be the route for you. It’s a basic procedure that can provide you with an added level of comfort and convenience.

Rekey Your Locks with The LockSmith Co.

For most people, having a mobile locksmith is a necessity. If you have ever lost your keys on the way home from work, had an issue with a lock or key late at night, or needed new locks for your house, you may have found yourself in need of a mobile locksmith. The Locksmith Co. services all these situations and more.

Contact LockSmith Co. today to dispatch a mobile locksmith shop to your location; we’re here 24/7, so give us a call!

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