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If your door is fitted with a cylinder lock, you’re at high risk of lock bumping. Statistics show that home intruders can open 90% of doors in the U.S. using this technique. The worst thing about lock bumping is that it doesn’t leave any sign of forced entry.

That means it might take you forever to notice that your valuables are gone, especially if the thief is careful enough. Fortunately, you can protect your property from lock-picking, bumping, and forced entry. Read on to learn more about lock bumping and how to avoid becoming a victim.

What is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is a technique burglars use to bypass traditional cylinder locks commonly found in residential properties. It involves using a specially crafted bump key, which is inserted into the lock and manipulated to unlock it.

When the bump key is inserted and struck with a blunt object, such as a hammer or a bump hammer, the pins inside the lock momentarily align at the shear line. This brief alignment allows the burglar to rotate the lock cylinder and unlock the door without the original key.

Lock-bumping is particularly concerning because it is a silent and non-destructive method of entry. It leaves little to no visible signs of forced entry, making it difficult to detect.

How to Prevent Lock-Picking/Bumping

Fortunately, you can protect your property from lock-bumping and picking using various measures. Here are several lock-picking prevention tips:

Upgrading to high-security locks: Consider replacing your existing locks with high-security options, such as smart locks or those specifically designed to resist lock-picking techniques. These locks often feature advanced mechanisms and additional security features that make them significantly more challenging to bypass. Your locksmith can recommend the best option.

Consider security systems: Installing a comprehensive home security system, including alarms, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors, can deter potential burglars. The system will also provide real-time alerts in the event of a break-in attempt.

Clear the area around your home: Burglars often target properties with hiding spots and limited visibility, as this allows them to go undetected while attempting to bypass locks. To keep them off, trim any overgrown bushes, shrubs, or trees in your yard, near windows, doors, and other entry points.

Temporary lock guards: Products such as flip guards will prevent bumping by firmly holding the deadbolt and the existing lock in place, even when a burglar tries to pick your lock. By effectively immobilizing the lock components, these guards thwart the intruder’s efforts and provide heightened protection for your property.

Protect Your Home From Forced Entry

When it comes to home security, it’s not just lock-picking that poses a threat. Forced entry is another method intruders use to gain unauthorized access to your property. Here are some effective strategies to protect your home from forced entry:

Secure your patio: Ensure the locks on your patio are high-quality and that they are serviced often to prevent issues like rusting. If you don’t, intruders can access your home through these external doors since they will be easy to break into.

Reinforce windows and glass doors: Use laminated or reinforced glass for windows and glass doors to make them more resistant to breakage. Alternatively, install security film, which holds shattered glass in place, making it harder for intruders to gain entry.

Secure sliding doors: Place a sturdy rod or bar in the track of sliding doors to prevent them from being forced open. Install auxiliary locks specifically designed for sliding doors to add an extra layer of protection.

Install an alarm system: Installing a comprehensive alarm system is an effective deterrent against forced entry. Place the alarm sensors on all accessible doors and windows, and ensure they are connected to a control panel that triggers the alarm when a breach is detected.

Call a Locksmith for Emergency Services

In emergency situations such as lockouts or break-ins, you should contact a licensed locksmith like The Locksmith Co. for immediate assistance. At The Locksmith Co., we provide 24/7 mobile services in Paducah, Cookeville, and Nashville. Contact us to learn more about our emergency services.

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